PoP4 Reports

Title Name Ratings Location
Disneyland Detective Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
Mouse Under Glass Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
More Mouse Tales Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
Once upon a Quinceanera Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
My Sister’s Keeper Jennifer Subriar 5 LSU
Best Friends Forever Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
Twenties Girl Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
Ella Enchanted Kendra Kravig 5 LSU
Beauty Jennifer Helbley 5 LINK+
Q is for Quarry Jennifer Helbley 4 LINK+
Fish! Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
Club Dead Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
Serve God, Save the Planet Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
Finding Faith, Losing Faitn Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
The Dalai Lama: His Essential Wisdom Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
You Don’t Have to Be Wrong for Me to Be Right Jenni Subriar 4 LSU
Vampire Haiku Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
The Gunslinger Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Gold and iron Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
British intelligence in the second world war Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
Douglas Haig and the First World War Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LINK+
The national waterway Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LSU
Living Dead in Dallas Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
The Gospel According to Starbucks Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
Theodore Roosevelt: The Naturalist Cindy Parkhurst 5 LSU
The Murder Trial of Judge Peel Kitty Simmons 4 LSU
He’s Just Not That Into You Kendra Kravig 5 LSU
Golden Inches Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
Dead Until Dark Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Societ Hilda Smith 4 ?
The holy fox: a biography of Lord Halifax Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
Dead hands Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
Who Moved My Cheese? Jenni Subriar 4 LSU
Abraham Lincoln: a life Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LINK+
The Importance of Being Earnest Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
I know why the caged bird sings Cindy Parkhurst 5 LSU
Manic Kitty Simmons 5 LSU
Out of Mormonism Christina Viramontes 3 LINK+
The Blue Parakeet Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
The Reader Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
the cherry cheesecake murder Jennifer Helbley 3 LINK+
Anee’s house of dreams Jennifer Helbley 4 LINK+
Over Sea, Under Stone Megan McDonough 3 LSU
Quicksand Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Coraline Kendra Kravig 5 LSU
Resilince Christina Viramontes 4 LSU
Mommywood Christina Viramontes 3 LSU
A Wrinkle in Time Cindy Parkhurst 5 LSU
Blue Shoes and Happiness Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall Suzanne Mallery 3 LINK+
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part–Time Indian Suzanne Mallery 5 LSU
The Beach House Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
The Bagthorpe Triangle Suzanne Mallery 3 LINK+
Critical Judgment Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
Buddha Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
The Five People You Meet in Heaven Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. Megan McDonough 4 LSU
Hunted Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
Defence of the West Tony Zbaraschuk 3 LSU
The life of John Calvin Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LSU
Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. Christina Viramontes 5 LSU
Break No Bones Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Teaching Literature A Seventh-Day Adventist Approach Megan McDonough 3 LSU
The Bayeux tapestry: a comprehensive survey Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LSU
The Watchmen Kitty Simmons 4 LSU
Musicophilia Kitty Simmons 4 LSU
Cancer Schmancer Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
The lady tasting tea Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
Understanding early civilizations: a comparative study Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
They like Jesus but not the church: insights from emerging generations Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
Bird By Bird Rebecca Waring-Crane 4 LSU
Carrie Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
Dirty Work Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
The Agony of Alice Megan McDonough 3 LINK+
Candide Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Twelve Sharp Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
The gospel for all Christians: rethinking the gospel audiences Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
The academic dean: dove, dragon, and diplomat Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LSU
Stolen Innocence Christina Viramontes 5 LSU
The Hobbit Kendra Kravig 5 LSU
Untamed Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
Invasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6 Suzanne Mallery 3 LINK+
Bagthorpes Liberated Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
Lucky Breaks Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
The law of the ancient Romans Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LSU
Leaving the Saints Christina Viramontes 4 LINK+
Blubber Megan McDonough 4 LSU
Painting Chinese Kitty Simmons 5 LSU
Silver Tower Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
The Lovely Bones Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
Motor Mouth Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
Earth 2: Leather Wings Kendra Kravig 3 LINK+
Earth 2: Puzzle Kendra Kravig 3 LINK+
Deenie Megan McDonough 4 LSU
Roots of strategy Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
Principles of cartography Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
Choke Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
Jurassic Park Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Losing Mum and Pup Hilda Smith 4 LSU
Masters of the art of command Tony Zbaraschuk 3 LINK+
Germany and the Second World War, v. 7 Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
Hitler’s uranium club: the secret recordings at Farm Hall Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LINK+
Gilgamesh Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
The discovery of the great west Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
Bagthorpes Haunted Suzanne Mallery 5 LINK+
Bagthorpes Abroad Suzanne Mallery 5 LINK+
Almost Single Christina Viramontes 3 LINK+
Handle with Care Jenni Subriar 4 LSU
Short Straw Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
And the Sea Will Tell Kitty Simmons 5 LSU
The Shack Jenni Subriar 5 LSU
The Chocolate War Megan McDonough 4 LSU
The Village Bride of Beverly Hills Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
Unchosen Christina Viramontes 4 LINK+
I Am Spock Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Forever Megan McDonough 3 LSU
The Color Purple Megan McDonough 5 LSU
The Cambridge history of Christianity, volume 3 Tony Zbarashuck 4 LSU
The Defining Moment Cindy Parkhurst 4 LSU
The Sari Shop Christina Viramontes 5 LINK+
Marshal Mannerheim and the Finns Tony Zbarashuck 4 LSU
Relentless Jeni Subriar 3 LINK+
A Wrinkle in Time Megan McDonough 5 LSU
Bagthorpes Unlimited Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
Bagthorpes v. the World Suzanne Mallery 5 LINK+
The Carbon Diaries 2015 Suzanne Mallery 5 LSU
Anne Frank Remembered Hilda Smith ? LSU
Sexual practices & the medieval church Tony Zbaraschuk 5 LSU
On the Road with Charles Kuralt Kitty Simmons 3 LINK+
Brave Companions Cindy Parkhurst 4 LSU
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Kendra Kravig 5 LSU
Breaking Dawn Megan McDonough 4 LINK+
Dairy Queen Jenni Subriar 4 LSU
Bollywood Nights Christina Viramontes 3 LINK+
F My Life Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
Eclipse Megan McDonough 4 LINK+
Of Mice and Men Megan McDonough 4 LINK+
Genesis of Shannara: The Gypsy Morph Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
The dawn of liberation: war speeches by the right hon. Winston S. Churchill Tony Zbaraschuk 4 LSU
The Same Stuff as Stars Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
George’s Secret Key to the Universe Suzanne Mallery 4 LINK+
The Promise Jennifer Helbley 4 LSU
And It Was Good: Reflections on Beginnings Christie Cales 4 LINK+
The Forger Hilda Smith 4 LSU
Natural Causes Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
Embolus Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
The Search for God at Harvard Cindy Parkhurst 5 LSU
The Dowry Bride Christina Viramontes 3 LINK+
Fifteen Candles Christina Viramontes 3 LINK+
Firestarter Kendra Kravig 5 LINK+
The Catcher in the Rye Megan McDonough 1 LINK+
Come Be With Me Kendra Kravig 4 LINK+
The Reader Kendra Kravig 5 LSU
The Tales of Beedle the Bard Kendra Kravig 3 LSU
’F’ Is for Fugitive Jenni Subriar 3 LINK+
This Is Water Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
Key Lime Pie Murder Jennifer Helbley 3 LINK+
Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon woman’s intimate diary of marriage and beyond Christina Viramontes 5 LSU
I, Robot Jennifer Helbley 3 LINK+
The Appeal Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
Love the One You're With Jenni Subriar 3 LSU
Duma Key Jenni Subriar 4 LINK+
Esalen Kitty Simmons 3 LSU
Traveling Mercies Hilda Smith 4 LSU
The Anatomist: a True Story of Gray’s Anatomy Hilda Smith 4 LSU
Dewey, the Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World Hilda Smith 4 LSU