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G or H – Economics, business, anthropology, sociology, crime – Wall Street

Reader: Kitty Simmons
Author: Vincent Bugliosi
Title: And the Sea Will Tell
Call: HV6535 P3 B83
Rating: 5

Summary: Palmyra Island–“Only the most adventuresome, or desperate, would plan an extended stay here. This is the true story of two men and two women who did. Four lives forever changed on an island that never wanted company. Not all of them would leave alive. The mystery shrouding their fate would be as dark and chilling as the ocean floor deep beneath Palmyra Island.” – p. 13

In some ways, this is the perfect summertime reading beach book. The story unfolds in the tropical islands of Hawaii and lesser known Palmyra. The first half is a tale of relationships and mystery which set the stage for the courtroom drama of the second half. And, finally, at 500 plus pages, the joy of reading such a captivating saga is deliciously prolonged. Actually, I read this book when it was first published in the early 1990s and had intended to just skim over it again for this review. However, I found myself once again drawn into the story so completely that I just had to read the whole book a second time.

Vincent Bugliosi, former high profile district attorney in Los Angeles, is not only the author but a key player here. Having left the prosecutor’s office, he has become a defense attorney and is hired by one of the defendants in a murder trial. In addition to covering the trial proceedings, he provides considerable insight and detail about his work as an attorney and his thoughts about the justice system. Although the coverage gets a bit tedious near the end, Bugliosi is thorough in everything he does. His legal stature and storytelling abilities combine to make this true crime episode a memorable one.

No spoilers here, but suffice it to say that there is a definite element of “truth is stranger than fiction” in this book. Any also, like truth, the ending is not always as neat and tidy as might be contrived by a fiction writer. And the Sea Will Tell... well last time I checked the sea wasn’t about to give up any secrets.

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